It had all seemed so safe, so simple, in the beginning,

Soon all the drudgery would be taken away - they had said,

All these clever little things would wash our clothes, wash our dishes,

Control the heating of our houses, run our cars, write our letters,

It would be the New Golden Age - they had said.

We could write our poems, go on holiday, play with our children,

These clever little things would do everything for us, clever men would make billions,

Impoverished nations would become powerful again - they had said.

Where once we had the abacus, then the calculator - now we had The Computer.

We were empowered, we had the world at our feet - and more!

The Universe was ours to command - they had said.

And if there were wars to fight, then the machines would fight them for us’

We would launch drones, men need never fight men again - they had said.

Clever Defence Systems kept us safe, they had called it Star Wars Technology,

Strategic Defence, First Strike, never to be used, of course, just in case - they had said.

But we had taught the clever machines that it was clever to win, we had built the

clever machines that could defeat the Human Race - and from that moment -

We were doomed.

The Cyborgs had been too clever, too efficient and now Mankind is on the brink of total annihilation. This is when Michael appears for, as he says, he is the one who is there when the very survival of Mankind is in doubt. The Soldier is in despair, as are most of Mankind, but there is hope, for the boy named Jamie is not prepared to just roll over and die. The Cyborgs have produced a new machine that is half Cyborg and Half Human Being, with the human parts being grafted onto the Cyborg’s titanium frame. They have called it ‘The Progression’ and have programmed it not to think - but it does think - and in that there is hope for Mankind. But is it Michael that brings about this change, or is it that the Cyborgs lack the one thing that is in every Human Being - a soul? ‘The End of Days’ is a CGI animation with original music composed and performed by The Black Death Band.
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           CAST (in order of appearance) The Narrator (Voice)     Norman Gilligan The Soldier (Voice)        Bryan Keith Brown The Boy(Voice) James O’Donoghue Michael (Voice) Alexander James Gilbert Cyborg (Voice) Patrick Cormack Cyborg (Voice) Patrick Fitzgerald.     DIRECTOR                       James McIlroy                  EXECUTIVE PRODUCER                      Patrick Cormack                        PRODUCTION Production Controller     Patrick Fitzgerald Head Animator   Patrick Cormack Animator   Niall Connor Animator   Donal Doyle Compositor Sinead Donnelly Compositor Martin Donnelly Sound Design Seamus Hayes MUSIC Composed and performed by     The Black Death Band